Gerry is a very talented Catholic poet who has a magical knack of putting his words to music. He has written songs in most styles from Country to ballads which appeal to all tastes and ages. In the past few years he has performed almost 300 concerts for Catholic Charities in parishes throughout the UK.

Charity Events

Gerry is giving a series of free concerts nationwide performing a two hour solo concert featuring his original songs and poetry. He sees himself as a musical missionary. He loves performing and hopes that he might bring a little sunshine to everyone including the lonely and down trodden. Gerry will be performing concerts of material featured in the books and CDs in churches, bookshops, schools and art centres over a two year period. He would be happy to consider your church or charity and venue as part of this cycle.

His previous concerts have been compared to a mission, as his poignant lyrics and prose leave the audience thinking deeply about their Christian faith, their lives and most dramatically, thinking about how they treat other people.

Gerry’s views are musically presented in a wide variety of foot tapping styles to suit everybody, and involve an amazing journey of emotions from tears to laughter.

An evening to remember!

As admission to all concerts will be free it presents an opportunity at each concert to support localised church or diocese supported charities through voluntary donations.

Contact Gerry to discuss your ideas.

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