Gerry is a very talented Catholic poet who has a magical knack of putting his words to music. He has written songs in most styles from Country to ballads which appeal to all tastes and ages. In the past few years he has performed almost 300 concerts for Catholic Charities in parishes throughout the UK.

Other Books

Nurses are sometimes Angels

Gerry wrote most of the poems in his head whilst in the Tropical Disease Hospital in London after he was stricken with a raging fever after a holiday in Mombasa.

"My thanks to the staff who helped me survive and to my family and friends. A visit from Princess Anne lifted my spirits. But God was there for me night and day - never did I feel alone, I just spoke to God. When your illness is unknown, no drugs can be given and it's then you learn to value the importance of healthy food. A lesson I've never forgotten!"

Gerry has worked as a volunteer in his local hospital for over 20 years. This has also given him an almost unique insight into the dedication of the staff and the humanity and bravery of the patients. He is very conscious of the unpaid and invisible (and often unacknowledged) work of the legions of carers worldwide.

This is a tribute to them all!


Late night words for late night lovers

This is a companion book to his romantic CD Late night songs for late night lovers. Let Gerry's music set the mood for a romantic evening and whisper the words to your loved one. The book is produced in A4 format and is an especially appropriate gift for Valentine's Day.

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