Gerry is a very talented Catholic poet who has a magical knack of putting his words to music. He has written songs in most styles from Country to ballads which appeal to all tastes and ages. In the past few years he has performed almost 300 concerts for Catholic Charities in parishes throughout the UK.

Put the CHRIST back into CHRISTMAS

A Series of Poems From a Catholic to a Friend

Gerry’s poems now lead us into the season of Advent and Christmas. Reflecting on Christian values and their intertwined messages amongst the modern day commercialisation of Christmas. Gerry’s own words poetically describe this Christian festival as the most important Birthday celebration of the year, and of all time.

Over 200 original poems, including: 12 Prayers of Christmas; Making Toys in Heaven; Stable at the Hospital; No More Christmas Wrapping; Tow Away Trucks From Heaven; Three Wise Kings of Peace; Christ is the tradition of Christmas; Will You Meet Santa Claus in Heaven? and Put the CHRIST Back in Christmas.

"Took me on a Christian Christmas trip around the world!"

Parents, remember the innocence of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem and see that same innocence in the eyes of a child in their appreciation of Santa Claus. From the uplifting kindness and inspiration of Santa Claus, it is a very short path to the uplifting kindness and inspiration of Jesus Christ. Your hand guided by God, is all that’s needed to set all children on the right path between Santa Claus and Jesus Christ!

Put the CHRIST back into CHRISTMAS 
Original Music CD by Gerry Coates

Released in conjunction with the series of books


12 Prayers of Christmas
The Passage
Lesson of Christmas
3 Wise Kings
Momma Christmas Cake
Christian Charitable Christmas
Journey to a Special Place
Christmas Day Did Change the World
Salvation Army Rappin Band!
If Only Christmas
Cowboys Christmas
Born Too Soon
Housing Allocations Officer
Momma Who's Gonna be Santa Claus?
Where Does Santa Claus Live?
First Footprints in the Christmas Snow

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