Gerry is a very talented Catholic poet who has a magical knack of putting his words to music. He has written songs in most styles from Country to ballads which appeal to all tastes and ages. In the past few years he has performed almost 300 concerts for Catholic Charities in parishes throughout the UK.

The Shores of Heaven

"An ordinary guy writing and singing about an extraordinary life!"

This book of over 200 poems on Christianity and Life takes the reader through a cascade of emotions and thought provoking suggestions as to the readers attitudes to God, the Church, Prayer and other people.

Another series of Gerry’s Christian poems sharing his views on God, Christianity, Life and other people. Try Mum This Address Has No Post Code, the plaintive story of a child writing a letter to God about his sick Mother; A Leper’s Friends; the Vatican Grew Bigger; Disciples Sandals and Does God Need a TV Show...?

Lot’s of questions which only you, the reader can answer. Some of his dreams are graphically described in Confession in a Double Wardrobe; a Farmyard Mass and Flying Diazepam Airlines!

Though the eyes and ears of this poet, who knows he doesn’t know it all, maybe you can open up your own eyes and ears and from within life’s noise and silence, you can also hear God Call. Answer Him, he’s a good listener!

The Shores of Heaven CD 
Original Music CD by Gerry Coates

Released in conjunction with the series of books


Bridges to Cross
Sometimes the Sky
The Calling
God's Clock
Jesus is My Friend
Beggar in a Church Doorway
Dancing in the Aisle
7 Wonder's of God's World
The Young Priest
Love Thy Neighbour
Who Turns the Windmills?
Would You Die for Your Faith?
Miracle of the World
Amazing World
Shores of Heaven

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