Gerry is a very talented Catholic poet who has a magical knack of putting his words to music. He has written songs in most styles from Country to ballads which appeal to all tastes and ages. In the past few years he has performed almost 300 concerts for Catholic Charities in parishes throughout the UK.

Was God's Favourite Colour Blue?

A truly inspired set of poems following Gerry's first pilgrimage to Lourdes , where his imagination went into overdrive. How many other pilgrims noticed the similarity of the face of the beggar outside the cinema to St Bernadette? His vivid dreams of seeing Christ painted in gold laying on a wooden seat? Who was he talking to when his hotel room window blew open and then shut on it's own?

Baroness Cox was another inspiration with her work in Darfur especially her campaign against slavery and the forced Child Soldiers of War. When CAFOD showed him their cheap water filter which could bring clean water to so many it seemed a miracle.

Included here are I Saw A Vision At Mass, DIAL God!, Football Religion, My Guardian Angels On Overtime, Jesus Didn't Need A Hand Grenade!, Rolling Stones Are Still Rolling, Train Full Of Angels, St Bernadette of Lourdes and You Can Lean On Jesus.


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